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2014 is an exciting year for the Southern Hunter Jumper of Georgia.  SHJG loves giving back to our members, and this year we are happy to do that by offering an affordable horse show and clinic by Christina Schlusemeyer and Gardner Powell at Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA, February 15-16.  Our kick-off will be followed by a string of exciting horse shows throughout the year.  We hope to see you ring side!       

Away from the ring, we have several committees that we would like you - the membership and parents - to help serve on!  Finals, Banquet, Ways & Means, Kick-Off/Clinic - please let us know if you are able to pitch in and help us out.  You don't have to be a trainer or know a lot about horse shows, we just need helping hands!!  Our board meetings (which are open to all membership and parents) will be held the 4th Monday of every month starting January 27, 2014 at 6:30pm.  Mark your calendars!


And remember, our Junior's Committee is going strong, and we'd like to continue that trend!  If you are 18 or younger, and would like to be a part of SHJG fun, contact a board member at any horse show - or by email.  We'd love to have a group of kids from every local barn be a part of it!  


Thanks to all, and good luck in 2014!


Meet the SHJG...

Our 2014 Vicki Hansen Sportsmanship Award Winner, Emma Kate Thome, accepting her award from Dr. Hansen!

The 2015 Kick-Off Show and Clinic

is March 28-29!

Information, including clinician bios

and Prize List, can be found HERE

Coming Up...

March 28-29, 2015:

2015 SHJG

Kick Off and Clinic

at Poplar Place

Photo Credit: Asheigh Hall